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CrossM and its external consultans seek to engage, equip and empower uniquely capable Christ-centered warriors that will influence the ideas of today and change the outcomes of tomorrow through innovation, entrepreneurship, servant leadership and generosity. Together, we are addressing the waste of creative potential we see in many schools, companies and communities.


Dr. Ted Morris, sole Managing Member, is a former commercial banker and venture capitalist now focused on education innovation, organizational competitiveness, and workforce development.


External Consultans


Mr. Wayne Godwin is a trained artist and industrial designer currently leading novel innovations in K12 and univeristy education.


Mr. Jim Menke, Master Chief U.S. Navy (ret) is a former hospital corpsman with engineering, health care, human resource, leadership development and organizational change expertise.


Together, CrossM and its external consultants encompass more than 85 years of experience in education, industry, new venture creation and the military. In all our activities and services, we remain focused on these Truths, that:

  • People are the ultimate asset

  • Virtue trumps capability every time

  • Christ-centered leaders cannot be mass produced

  • Competency cannot be created after it is called for, and that

  • Special capabilities require routine support


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