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We have been fortunate as public servants to collaborate with many education, industry, government, military and community partners on building a regional culture of innovation and preparing the next great creative class. Much of this work has focused on enhancing opportunities for public school students and teachers, university faculty and students, transitioning veterans and incumbent workers.


Privately, utilizing personal time and private resources, we have answered the call to serve our community of faith, creating opportunities for faith-based, independent and homeschool students, as well as Christ-centered firms and organizations. For each client, we seek to engage, equip and empower uniquely capable Christ-centered warriors that will influence the ideas of today and change the outcomes of tomorrow through innovation, entrepreneurship, servant leadership and generosity.


Through this work, we have been blessed with feedback and insights that have enriched our understanding of creative confidence, talent development, human performance and innovation processes. This knowledge has in turn enhanced both our public service and private contributions.


We hope this site will paint a clear picture of our passion for preparing creative Christ-centered innovators of any age to rapidly produce new products, services and solutions addressing real-world challenges.


We invite you to contact us if you share our passion and we may be of service to you.



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