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 independent schools 

Independent schools are special places with the freedom to build on their own values, define their own philosophies and create their own teaching approaches to fulfill individual visions and missions.


Free to create and serve outside of state mandates, independent schools have the opportunity to design innovative approaches to engage, equip and empower their students.


The CrossM Team is proud to work with faith-based and other independent schools to design novel curriculums, learning environments and educational experiences tailored to each school’s vision for student growth and success in school and beyond.


These education innovations are supported through program deisgn, teacher professional development, curriculum enrichment, facility design and up-fit, learning capstones, fund raising, stakeholder awareness, and assessment and accreditation support.


While committed to the unique context of each school's  mission, we focus on preparing creative, resilient problem-solvers for college, work and life.

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